In-Store Privacy Preferences

Last Updated: 24/02/2024

This statement outlines the privacy preferences of individuals who prioritize their personal information while in stores. Please read this document carefully to understand our collective stance on certain privacy matters.

1. Facial Processing: We assert our right to privacy and do not consent to the processing of facial recognition technology on any images or videos featuring us while in stores or other public places. We emphasize the importance of protecting personal identities and privacy from unwarranted and intrusive technologies.

2. Bag Searches: We do not consent to bag searches while in stores. We value our privacy and firmly believe in our right to carry personal belongings without undergoing searches.

3. Member/Rewards Systems/Cards: We choose not to participate in member or rewards systems that allow tracking across different store chains. Additionally, we reject systems that include privacy-degrading terms and conditions, such as tracking number plates and linking them to membership cards. We prioritize privacy and refuse to compromise it for the sake of rewards.

4. Verbal Communication: If there are concerns or questions about privacy preferences while in stores, we kindly request that any inquiries be directed verbally. We are open to addressing concerns and explaining our position in person.

5. Respect for Privacy: We expect and appreciate the respect of our privacy while shopping or engaging in any activities within stores. We do not wish to participate in any data collection methods that may compromise personal privacy.

6. Contact Information: If store personnel or security have any questions or need further clarification about privacy preferences, they may contact us at

7. Data Non-Sale Requirement: Stores are required to not sell or trade any data collected during our presence in stores. We firmly believe in safeguarding personal information and ensuring that it is not exploited for commercial purposes. This requirement extends to any information that may be inadvertently collected through passive means, such as IP addresses or browsing habits.

8. Acknowledgment by Store Owners: By permitting us to enter a store, store owners and personnel acknowledge and agree to respect the collective privacy preferences as outlined in this document. The focus is on individuals seeking privacy, with an understanding that this information is shared to empower others.

9. Changes to this Statement: We reserve the right to update or modify this in-store privacy preferences statement at any time without prior notice. The date of the latest revision will be indicated at the top of this section.

By entering a store, we acknowledge and expect the respect of our privacy preferences as outlined in this document.

Thank you for respecting our privacy.

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