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Step 1 Download/Install Mumble:

Go to the url http://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Main_Page (Opens in a new window)
We recommend downloading mumble 1.3 as it has features which are extremely useful, such as local per-user volume adjustment.
Note:On windows you may need to run as administrator if using the installer. 

Step 2 Configure Mumble:

Once installed, Mumble will show a configuration dialog, go through it, and set the settings to your preferences. Push To Talk is recommended. Don't worry if you mess something up, you can come back to this wizard later.

Step 3 Add our server:

On the bottom of the server list dialog there is button labelled 'Add New' use that to add our server.

If you're not at the server list this button will get you there.

Input settings like in the image below. You can copy/paste from this image.

Example Settings

You can now join by pressing connect. Click 'Yes' to accept the certificate. You will be asked for a password, it is bbt